Sober holidays may present a problem for a recovering alcoholic. If you are recovering from alcohol and are going to a party, consider bringing a sponsor or a friend in recovery with you. If you are unable to bring a sponsor or friend in recovery with you, ask your sponsor if you can call them if you get an urge to have a drink.

Holiday survival tips:

  • Stay busy
    • Staying busy is one of the best ways to keep from developing an urge to have a drink. If you have free time, donate your time to a charity event or help others.
  • Leave early
    • If your going to a party or a gathering where alcohol is being served, allow your self to leave if you are overwhelmed by the temptation to drink. Let the host of the party or a friend know that you may need to leave without having to explain why.
  • Find new ways to have fun
    • Having fun doesn’t necessarily mean going to bars or parties where alcohol will be served. Meet a friend or two at a coffee house and relax, or you can go to the movies. If you are short on cash, try going to the ‘Dollar Movies”.
  • Have a non-alcoholic drink
    • If someone asks you if you want an alcoholic drink, you can always so no and ask for a non alcoholic beverage instead. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your non-alcoholic drink. You can add a splash of cranberry juice to Seven-Up or mix pineapple, orange juice, and cranberry juice for a refreshing cocktail.
  • Sober parties
    • During the holiday season many AA groups hold sober parties and gatherings to celebrate clean living. Find an AA meeting near you and find out their sober party schedule. Anyone with a desire to stay sober during the holidays are more welcome to attend a sober party.
  • Backup plan
    • Having a backup plan is a great way to resist the temptation of having a drink. Call a friend and let them know you may need a ride home, or someone to hang out with if the temptation is to hard to handle.
  • Have your own party
    • Having your own party is another good way to stay sober during the holidays. You can ask your family and friends to help you plan your non-alcoholic party. The party can be held at your house and compensate the lack of alcohol by having an assortment of tasty treats in the form of a buffet, sit-down meals or appetizers served throughout the night.
  • Alcoholic addiction
    • A common problem and is very difficult to handle alone. With the help of family and friends and support and guidance from counselors, you can recover from your alcohol addiction and be able to survive the holidays without stressing out.