Ability to Dilute Alcohol
Average Total Body Water: 52%
Average Total Body Water: 61%
Ability to Metabolize Alcohol
Women have a smaller quantity of an enzyme called dehydrogenase. Dehydrogenase breaks down alcohol.
Men have a larger quantity of an enzyne called dehydrogenase. Having a larger quantity of hydrogenase allows men to break down the alcohol they take in more quickly.
Hormonal Factors, Part 1
Premenstrual hormonal changes cause intoxication to set in faster during the days right before a woman gets her period.
The susceptibility a man has to getting drunk does not fluctuate dramatically at certain times of the month.
Hormonal Factors, Part 2
Alcohol increases estrogen levels. Birth control pills or other types of medicine that has estrogen increase intoxication.
Alcohol also increases estrogen levels in men. Chronic alcoholism has been associated with loss of body hair and muscle mass, development of swollen breasts, development of shrunken testicles, and impotence.