Car safety is important, especially for teenagers. They are bound to be excited about the freedom that being able to drive themselves anywhere gets them, but you should not set them free just yet. Read on to see some important advice you need to give to your new teenage driver to make sure they stay safe while out on the road by themselves.

Do Not Swerve to Avoid Hitting An Animal

When animals like deer run across the road, it is very dangerous to swerve in order to avoid hitting them, although this will be your first instinct. Instead, brake the hardest you can while driving straight ahead. This will keep you from potentially rolling the car off the road, especially if you were driving fast. With the market for automotive collision repairs projected to cross the $280 billion mark by 2024, it is good to try your best to avoid adding to that number.

Never Drive While Under The Influence

This is a leading cause of car accidents, and with millions of people injured annually on the highways in the U.S. each year, driving under the influence should be avoided at all costs. This includes alcohol and drugs like marijuana because anything that alters your state of mind, even slightly, is likely to negatively affect your judgment and reaction time while driving. The fact that there are serious fines attached to driving under the influence should be an extra reason to avoid doing it.

Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers

Because you never really know who is who on the road, it is best to stay safe than be sorry. It is not advisable to pick up hitchhikers unless you recognize them as someone you know well. Because even people you know may turn out to have an agenda, do not pick them up while driving by yourself.

Avoid Using The Phone While Driving

Even if checking GPS for directions, the phone is a major distraction most of the time. Pull over to a safe area first if you need to set and check the GPS. Definitely avoid texting and chatting as well, because this impairs your judgment, similar to being under the influence. Situations may unfold rapidly while in motion and so it is best to avoid all kinds of distractions.

Avoid Driving at Night

Driving at night is generally more demanding due to limited vision even with headlights on. Always make sure to get where you are going while there is still daylight, and call your parents or guardians to let them know you arrived well. With car dealerships writing over 310 million repair orders and services and parts calling for $116 billion last year alone, it is important to practice car safety.

Seat Belts Must Always Be Worn

You and anyone else in the car must wear their seatbelts at all times to reduce the risk of serious and even fatal injuries while on the move. While this may be a simple thing to overlook, make it become a habit by always reminding everyone in the car to wear their seatbelt before the journey starts. Some advice such as this works well when you lead by example, so always make sure that everyone buckles up before you drive off yourself, starting from when the children are young.

While some advice may sound boring and repetitive, it is important to repeat it to your teens so they get used to habits that promote car safety. Remind them that even a small lapse in attention on the road can lead to a disastrous accident. While you will not be able to always be with them while they drive, you can help them stay safe by reminding them about things they should avoid. It is important to also talk to them about taking the car for regular inspection and performing service when it is time to do so, as a car running at optimum performance is less likely to fail them while they are on the road.