Boredom! We live in a world where we can have everything we want in a snap of finger. There’s instant everything: instant coffee, microwavable gourmet dishes, downloadable music files and the latest movie available through pay-per-view. There are also unlimited options for every concern. Before, we only had two main brands of ice cream competing for our attention. Now, well, even the homemaker from out of state can deliver goodies to our doorstep after just a quick sms message.

It’s no wonder then we’re always on the lookout for new stimulation!

Do you feel like you’ve seen it all? That your routine job has nothing more to offer you except a few more cobwebs for the mind? If boredom has already made Kim Kardashian’s latest romp worthy of your precious time, then it’s best you consider the following tips:

Mix and match.
Keep things interesting! You have no right to complain that you’re working a dead-end job when you yourself are not trying to spice up your working day. Why not ask the boss if you can spend every now and then doing field work instead of office toil? Fresh and new teammates can rust off some of your dormant talents. How about enrolling in a course outside of your interest? If you already deal with food products all day, it can get depressing to find yourself in another cooking class. The world is overflowing with novel things to try out and taste — you just need to be more active in finding them!

Aim higher.
We feel bored when we’re underutilizing our talents and performing way below our capabilities. We need to be constantly challenged, pressured and pushed to our limits. So set ambitious goals for yourself; never let yourself get comfortable. And set goals for all areas of your life: physical (“I will be able to do twice as much push-up per minute by next month!”), emotional (“From now on I will actively practice stress management skills.”), mental (“I will take a graduate course next year.”) and behavioral (“I will be more affectionate to my children.”) The feeling of accomplishment that comes after successfully completing a goal is a bonus “high” that can fight boredom — there’s nothing quite like it!

Boredom can be a symptom of stress. If you’re overworked, it’s not impossible for you to stop taking pleasure in your job. If ten thousand demands are being made of you every minute, it’s highly likely you’d rather numb yourself than deal with the pressure. Why don’t you stop for awhile and indulge in a bit of self-care? You can go for big gestures, such as taking yourself shopping after a long hard day of general cleaning. Or you can go for more simple pleasures, like strawberry shortcake by the square. If you love yourself, every little thing in the world is a joy to see.

Lastly, surround yourself with joie de vivre. Some people naturally radiate joie de vivre — French for “joy of living.” These folks get excited by things most of us take for granted, such as going out for coffee with friends, or seeing colorful birds fly by the window. They are like children who are not yet corrupted by the cynicism that comes with living in a highly commercialized world. Why don’t you let these people infect you with their inborn enthusiasm? It’s gratitude for even the littlest thing that can make life less boring!