Ever sat back in amazement watching people who can sing like an angel or navigate complex equations in their mind? Every wondered what special gene or baby formula makes the natural Mozarts and Michaelangelos? More importantly, have you shaken your head at dreams of achieving similar heights, of nurturing talents worthy of a gallery exhibition or an Olympic event?

Many people assume that talents are purely inborn; that you have to belong to the right family or have the lineage of artists in order to manifest your genius. But while genetics does play a role in the development of talent, external factors like life experiences, dedicated study and consistent practice also play a role in maximizing your potentials. And you don’t have to content yourself with just the obvious talents that you have! For sure you have tons of hidden aptitude waiting to float to the surface.

Interested in tapping into your hidden talent and genius? Then consider the following tips:

Understand that some talents take time to manifest. Are you feeling frustrated because up until now you can’t seem to identify where you’re truly great at? Don’t worry; research has confirmed that some talents just naturally blossom at a young age, while others need to be reinforced by years of experiences. For instance, musical talent seems to be obvious very early in life — it’s easy to spot a toddler with an ear for rhythm or a young child sensitive to key changes. But other talents, such as mathematical ability or an expertise in physics, can only blossom after mastering basic knowledge in the field. Have patience with yourself — your time may already be around the corner!

Look beyond mental intelligence. If you want to truly identify your hidden talent and genius, you have to be able to spot intelligence — and we’re not talking about just mental aptitude. Howard Gardner, who is famous for coining the term Multiple Intelligence, has pointed to the many types of intelligence worth exploring. For instance, there is body-kinesthetic intelligence; people who are naturals at sports and movement are intelligent in a physical way. Others have interpersonal intelligence — being adept at relating with people is a genius! Don’t be biased. Not everyone can be an Einstein — and that’s a good thing!

Be gentle on yourself. Some people can’t tap into their hidden talents and genius because they set up impossible standards for themselves. But even if you have an aptitude for something, doesn’t mean you’ll end up doing this task perfectly every time. Don’t close the door on a potential because the road to learning is bumpier that anticipated. Hey, Keanu Reeves started out with “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures” before playing Neo on “The Matrix.” There’s hope!

Get in touch with your inner child. Some of us never got to nurture our talents and genius because we had to take on responsibility at an early age. But remember: it’s never too late to explore all the things that you can do. Be a kid again! Play. Engage is objective-less fun! Ask yourself what you would be doing if you didn’t have to work three jobs to make ends meet. If you’re feeling depressed and unauthentic to yourself, then perhaps it’s time that you tap into the many gifts Mother Nature has given you.