Fully preparing for a move is the best way to have an easy move. Most people, when planning an interstate move, require the help of a professional moving service. Professional movers assist with 650,000 moves each year. Professional movers can provide travel support and other moving services to make the process easier for you. Read on to learn what you can do to prepare for your upcoming move.

1. Book Your Moving Company Early

One of the first things you should do when preparing to travel and move is to connect with any professional services you want to use early on. There are “moving seasons” in the United States where things book up quickly. Spring and early summer are the busiest moving times.

Decide your travel arrangements and decide which professional moving services you will use early on. Booking travel and moving arrangements early will ensure that you get a spot. If you wait too long to book, you could settle for a moving company you don’t necessarily want or miss out on great travel deals to get you to your new location.

Making arrangements as soon as you know you will be moving will allow you to compare the travel and move prices. Act early, and you will likely spend less on travel and moving.

2. Know Your Rights

If you are moving to a new location and are still in the midst of searching for a home, know your rights. You can’t be discriminated against because of race, gender, sexuality, religion, or ethnicity. Many states have very stringent rules about discrimination and housing. For example, you can immediately file a claim for discrimination in a circuit court if you think you have a case.

It is important that you have a good understanding of the laws at your destination location. This understanding is not limited to handling potential claims of discrimination. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the road because you will have to travel around. Learn about other laws that may be unique to the destination state.

Ignorance of the laws at your new location doesn’t protect you from being charged if you break the law. It is important that you understand what is expected of you as a new citizen in a different state. Look for online groups in your destination state to learn more details about what to expect.

3. Get To Your New Location Beforehand

Plan to travel to your new location before your goods arrive. Getting there early will allow you to paint, make repairs, and prepare your goods to arrive. About 88% of people surveyed report more desire to be home after painting their space. A fresh coat of paint can spruce up any space.

Every property needs some adjustments to make it a home. Changing the locks or rekeying the existing locks is strongly recommended. Pest control services can do a quick run-through and treat surfaces just to be safe. Hanging curtains and other window treatments are easiest when the house is still empty. There are many things you can do before your goods arrive.

Getting to the property will also help save you on storage costs. Plan your travel to get you to your destination up to a week before your household goods are scheduled to be delivered.

With a little pre-planning, you and your household goods can travel to your next destination without a hitch. Take the time to plan your move, and you will have a smooth move. Learn more tips about planning your move today.