A well-landscaped yard can help with family and social relationships when you entertain outdoors. Spending time outdoors eating, entertaining, playing games or sports relieves sports. Landscaping can help you improve your outdoor environment by designing a new deck or patio, helping with garden design, providing shady areas to have outdoor events, installing water features, outdoor firepits, or kitchens for entertaining. Below we will give you some ideas on how to improve your outdoor landscape so you will want to spend more time outdoors.

Design An Attractive Deck or Patio

An attractive patio or deck can be a great place to spend time outdoors in warmer weather. A landscaper can help you choose patio furniture, grill and help you find plants that make it an appealing place to spend time. You will want to add attractive, comfortable furniture, flowers, couches, cushions, and decorative pieces that enhance the mood. Overall, the design should appeal to you and your guests and make you want to spend more time outdoors reading, crafts, entertaining, and enjoying nature. You can spend time with friends, have club meetings and work on projects, and entertain. If you want to entertain yourself at night, you might want to add lanterns or some type of lighting that suits your tastes.

Comfortable seating outdoors will make the deck or patio more inviting. You can buy chairs and loveseat couches made of vinyl or wicker that endure well in outdoor weather. You may want to install umbrellas or awnings for shade to protect you from the sun. All these elements will improve relationships with friends and family when entertaining outdoors. Another benefit is a well-landscaped yard will increase the value of your home by 5.5% to 12.7%.

Garden Design and Landscaping

The right plants will grow well in your yard and be easy to maintain. A landscaper can help you choose native flowers, trees, grass, and shrubs to grow in your yard. They will be able to help you design a garden and landscape suited to your geographic region. You may want to design a garden that attracts birds or butterflies and they can help you choose plants and flowers that do this. There are many different types of garden designs and a landscaper can help you design and choose the best plants for what you want. Landscapers can help design garden paths, walkways, and help you choose the right stones or tiles to use. Overall, their services will help you create a scenic and easy-to-maintain outdoor living space.

A large percentage of Americans, according to statistics, want to live in a home with a well-landscaped yard. Over 90% of American homeowners want to have a yard with grass, trees, and plants and want to hire a professional landscape designer.

Water Features, Stone Walls and Outdoor Kitchens

Water features add a calming, soothing effect to your outdoor living space. An outdoor garden pond, koi pond, small fountain, or even birdbath can be an effective water feature. Water features are relaxing and can improve your social relationships outdoors. Working outdoors can be relaxing when you add a water feature to the equation. Water features can attract birds and other creatures and often use little water due to pumps. When you’re living on a hill, a retaining wall can keep your soil from eroding. The gardens also provide privacy or a place to sit. You can add an outdoor firepit or kitchen so that you can entertain outdoors and even use it into late fall for entertaining. This will certainly improve your social relationships and relieve stress. According to a 2016 Houzz study on landscaping, homeowners that spend money on landscaping spend about six or more hours a week outdoors.

Contact your local landscaper to learn how they can help you improve your outdoor landscape and find more ways to spend time outdoors.