A plethora of homes in the United States need upgrades because they are twenty years or older. There are some common upgrades that every home can benefit from. If you want to improve your lifestyle in your home, consider doing these five upgrades.

1. Upgrade to Energy Star Rated Appliances

If your water heater, refrigerator, washer, dryer, or HVAC system is ten years old, you should upgrade your property with new appliances. New energy-efficient appliances will improve your property and help you save significant money over the appliance’s lifetime.

If you switched your water heater to a tankless water heater, you could reduce energy costs by about 25%. Water heaters account for about 18% of the average household’s energy costs. The difference between modern appliances and outdated appliances is astounding. Upgrade by replacing all the appliances in your home. It will change your lifestyle and help you keep more money in your wallet.

2. Consider a Roof Replacement

Roofs come with an end date. Some roofs are expected to last fifteen years, some thirty, and some beyond. However, most residential roofs have about a twenty-year life expectancy. A new roof can instantly upgrade your property, raise property value, and improve your lifestyle in your home. A new roof is a great upgrade. In most cases, if your home is twenty years or older with the original roof, you will probably need to replace your roof sometime soon. You can get ahead of the problem by doing it now.

3. Revamp Your Landscape

A full reimaging of your landscaping is a great way to upgrade your home. The landscape, like other areas of your property, gets old. Refreshing your property with some new landscaping is an easy upgrade. Consider a pallet patio, which is an easy DIY project. Did you know that about $400 billion in American products are exported yearly on wooden pallets?

Spreading a fresh load of organic mulch is also an easy step and something you should do every year in the spring. Organic mulch lasts about three to nine months. If you opt for wood chip mulch, it can last from three to eight years, giving it a much longer lifespan. Creating outdoor living spaces is a great way to upgrade your home and lifestyle. It will give you a good excuse to get outdoors with family and friends. Landscaping can add resale value to your property.

4. Replace Plumbing Fixtures

Air pressure in dispensing valves should range between 70 and 80 psi for proper function. These valves can often be found in plumbing fixtures. Replacing your plumbing fixtures with new upgraded water-saving fixtures could be a great upgrade for your property.

Plumbing, like everything else, can only last for so long. In other words, replacing plumbing fixtures before they reach the end of the lifecycle can be a great way to upgrade your property and an even better way to avoid unexpected repairs.

5. Sealcoat Asphalt Surfaces

Asphalt surfaces like your driveway require seal coating every three to five years. Many homeowners need to give their asphalt surfaces the attention they deserve. Sealcoating asphalt is a great way to upgrade your property. A professional team can seal your driveway and other asphalt surfaces in a day and restore the surfaces to like new condition. Any necessary repairs are made during the process.

With seal coating, you get a new-looking driveway without the headache of having a brand-new driveway installed. It is an affordable upgrade that can significantly affect your property.

Most upgrades for your home are within an affordable price range if you work with the right contractor. It would be best if you worked with a team of professionals who can get the materials you need for your upgrade and have the skill set to complete the project. Learn more about the upgrades you should make to your property to ensure you enjoy your lifestyle in the home and your home keeps value.