Are you considering moving to another state? Colorado should definitely be on your radar. This amazing place offers a unique blend of opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. It’s also fantastic for raising kids. Plus, when you settle down here, you’re in a place where divorces aren’t the norm. In Colorado, there’s a mandatory 90-day waiting period for divorces. In this article, we shed light on why Colorado might just be your next perfect move.

Colorado is becoming a hot spot for new residents. Some are from major cities such as New York, and others are from Texas. Every year, residency grows by about 0.7%. People come here for various reasons, like family, work, lifestyle, health, and retirement. People have their unique motivations for moving here, and you might have yours too. Let’s explore a few of these reasons:

1. Gorgeous Mountains

Yes, the mountains could be the number one reason you want to move to Colorado. It boasts some of the most stunning mountains around. It’s an exotic hotspot beloved by many for its fantastic weather. What’s even better? The folks here are famously welcoming, making it easy to feel right at home in no time.

While Colorado might seem like a distant dream for many, its majestic mountains, fantastic climate, and friendly locals make it a desirable place to call home. Despite the considerable distance from major cities like New York or Los Angeles, the state continues to attract more residents each year.

2. Plenty of Activities

If you’re all about staying healthy and active, Colorado is your paradise. You’ll enjoy yourself here if you enjoy swimming, jogging, biking, or anything else that gets you moving. Plus, there are awesome classes available to help you stay in tip-top shape.

If you’re a newcomer, consider fitness classes and programs acquainted. While at it, make sure you embrace a body-positive mindset and guidance can unlock endless exploration in this vibrant state. It is no wonder Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs are some of the healthiest cities in the United States.

3. Best Ski Slopes

If skiing’s your thing, Colorado is a must-visit. It’s home to some of the country’s top ski slopes. You’ll discover fantastic powder waiting for you at various resorts here. If you’re saying in a wooden cabin lodge, keep in mind that termites infect 600,000 homes each year. Be mindful of critters infiltrating your residence!

4. Affordable Utilities

Colorado stands out for its affordable utilities, averaging less than other states due to its renewable energy sources. If you’re relocating from a place like Arizona with lower living costs, be prepared for slightly increased expenses on basics like food and housing. But if you’re arriving from a high-cost area like New York or California, adjusting to Colorado’s expenses might feel more manageable.

5. Close to Pretty Cities

Living in Colorado puts you near major cities, like the bustling Denver, the state’s capital. It’s a skip away from the Rockies. If you’re single, there are vibrant neighborhoods that’ll catch your eye. Then there’s Boulder, a gorgeous city just north of Denver. You’ll discover some of the mouthwatering culinary delights, fantastic beer, and jaw-dropping natural scenery that’s simply out of this world. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 56% of families with infants and toddlers reported some degree of difficulty finding childcare. Fortunately, you’ll have day childcare centers easily in Colorado.

Travel the state of Colorado, and meet some of the nicest people. Stay and soak up the music, food, and beer scene daily—just a taste of what this state has in store for you. Stick around for a few years, and you’ll become an integral part of this vibrant city.