Child-proofing a home is often discussed as a preventive measure that helps keep children safe. However, your home is not the only place you should take steps to childproof. Car safety is another important practice to ensure your children are safe while on the road. These car safety tips will help you to childproof your car and keep your children safe.

1. Always Supervise Them

The first rule of car safety for children is never to leave your child unattended. Don’t leave them in the car while you run into the store to pay for gas. Don’t leave them in the car while they sleep. Don’t ever leave them in the car without supervision. Many states have laws about leaving children in cars unattended because it is a real danger. Never leave a child with the keys in the car and the car running, even if they are strapped into their car seats. Kids are innovative and pay close attention to what is happening around them. It would not be the first time a child got behind the wheel and put the vehicle in drive. This rule is especially important for older children.

2. Always Use a Car Seat

Children should ride in a car seat that is appropriate for their age and weight. One of the key components of car safety and children is to use car seats. A car seat can prevent serious injury during a car accident. Under Missouri Law, you can sue a driver for a car accident, even when you may be in part responsible for the accident, but monetary compensation does not make up for the very serious physical damage a child can sustain during an accident.

Use car seats and boosters to ensure your child’s safety. Read your owner’s manual to ensure that child safety seats are properly installed. Make using a car seat a non-negotiable criterion for your child to ride in any vehicle.

3. Use The Child Safety Locks

Most modern vehicles are outfitted with child safety locks. Child safety locks prevent car doors from being open from the inside. Engaging these locks can improve car safety for your child. Most vehicles allow the driver to control both the locks and the windows to ensure that children can’t operate these mechanisms.

Children are curious and love to push buttons and pull levers. You can avoid a problem by taking steps to ensure they can’t open the windows and doors while driving. It is a simple safety step that can improve car safety and prevent injuries.

4. Properly Store Car Fluids

Ensure that you properly store fluids for your vehicle and ensure against accidental spills. Car fluids can be highly poisonous. For example, antifreeze has a sweet taste that can be attractive to a child but can be fatal. Keep fluids at home in the garage or invest in a container with a lid to store them in the trunk of your vehicle.

Also, consider tucking in any seatbelts that are not in use and keeping car tools secured in the trunk. Children are curious and often get into things that they are not supposed to. Keep anything that can potentially harm your child locked away. It’s always better to err on the side of caution.

5. Keep Your Car Well Maintained

Car safety for the whole family depends on maintaining a reliable vehicle. According to Car and Driver, about 75% of repairs are done by neighborhood auto shops, and about 25% are done at the dealership. It doesn’t matter where you choose to get maintenance and repairs, it only matters that you do. Taking care of your vehicle makes it a safer place for your children.

Don’t ignore the little things like a windshield crack because it can turn into a much bigger safety issue. You may be unaware, but according to the Auto Glass Safety Council, a windshield is responsible for about 60% of your vehicle’s structural integrity in a rollover accident. Get repairs as needed to keep your children safer in your vehicle.

Car safety should be a priority for every family. Learn more tips to help keep your children safe by doing more research.