Do you care for your physical health as much as you care for your mental health? How about vice versa? If not, it’s important for you to understand how caring for both your mental and physical health are deeply related, and therefore, why you need to be giving equal energy to caring for both. Living a healthy lifestyle requires one to be intentional with how they care for themselves. This not only includes, but emphasizes the role of caring for both your mental and physical health.

If you’re struggling to maintain either or both your mental and physical health, here are some tips for you. Finding a healthy balance is going to be the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Why Caring for Both is Important

First and foremost, let’s discuss how your mental and physical health is related. The easiest way to explain this is by focusing on how your health impacts everything that you do. Let’s go through some examples.

For instance, let’s say you do a good job maintaining your physical health, but struggle to balance your mental health. How easy is it for you on the days when your mental health is low to go to the gym? How easy is it to even get out of bed? As you can see, your mental health is going to impact your energy levels, motivation, and mood. It’s going to be harder to eat right, work out, and even sleep if you’re struggling mentally.

Let’s reverse the scenario. You do a good job managing your mental health, but your physical health could use some work. Ask yourself, do you feel self-conscious about certain aspects of your physical appearance? Are you spending the majority of your energy focused on self-love and acceptance so your physical health doesn’t bother you as much rather than putting in the work to improve it? How does it impact your mental health when you don’t have the energy to do anything because you aren’t fueling yourself properly? How will your mental health handle a bad diagnosis from the doctor? The relationship between mental and physical health is tied closely, and so for that reason, it’s important you’re caring for both.

Tips and Tricks

Now that you understand the connection and importance of caring for your health, how can you go about doing that? Here are some suggestions for you to improve both how you care for your mental health and how you care for your physical health.

Seek Therapy

The best way to care for your mental health is by seeking out a therapist. Working with a therapist on your mental health is an incredibly beneficial and healthy way towards improving how you feel on a regular basis. Talking with someone who has the experience and knowledge to help you is going to be crucial in your journey towards better mental health care. One-fifth of Millennials (21%) and 16% of Gen X are currently engaged in therapy. Get involved today and find a therapist that will help you find the best ways to care for you.

Engage in Creativity

Engaging in creative hobbies is another great way to care for your mental health. This can also be beneficial for your physical health, too. Depending on the hobby you choose, your activity level could increase as a result. However, it doesn’t have to be something where you’re active to be beneficial for your mental health. Art, reading, and music are all great ways to relax and engage the mind in an enjoyable way. For example, 94% of the respondents believe that art makes their workplace more welcoming and that 61% agree it also stimulates creativity. If your work is the biggest stressor on your mental health, incorporating these things into your workspace is a great way to ensure you feel better while working.

Watch What You Eat

While eating right is obviously going to benefit your physical health, watching what you eat will also benefit your mental health. Do you ever get down on yourself because you ate more snacks than you should’ve? About 13.5% of American adults admit to having eaten 20 or more chocolate chip cookies at one time. Maybe you’re one of these people and you feel incredibly guilty because you broke your diet. Are you hard on yourself when you don’t eat enough? Ensuring a healthy balance will allow you to feel good about yourself and the fuel you’re providing your body. Not only that, but getting a healthy balance of nutrients each day will be good for your physical health as well.

If you’re hoping to gain a better balance of caring for your mental and physical health, the first step is to realize how they are related. Once you realize that, caring for both will become that much easier.