Making your home accessible for people with different needs should be a priority for everyone. This is because it will help people feel comfortable whenever they’re in your space, no matter their health or physical condition. Read on to see how you can make your home more accessible and offer the best of times to all who you welcome.

Add Lighting to Hallways

Since the hallways in your home connect the different spaces, it’s important to make them accessible as they get used very often. The best way to do this is to add soft lighting along the entire hallway so that it’s visible and therefore easy to navigate. You could also consider adding some bars along the walls to assist people with walking difficulties. This will make it easy for a person who has had a catastrophic accident to be relatively independent in the house. Since an accident victim will most likely need a home that’s handicap-accessible, special transportation, personal care attendants, and optionally rehabilitation as well, you will help make your home livable for anyone who has been in an accident.

Declutter the House

A house full of clutter will also be accessible as there will be no hurdles that they have to go around in order to get from one place to another. Pick up any objects lying around the house and keep them away in a neat way. If there are items you rarely use or that don’t work anymore, you should also get rid of them accordingly, by either selling, donating, or throwing them away. When you do this, you will have a lot more space at your disposal which you can arrange accordingly to improve your home’s accessibility.

Introduce Ramps

Whenever you have stairs, you can introduce some ramps instead. These will be usable by both people with mobility issues and those without, making your home a lot more accessible than before. If your home is part of an HOA, Americans will have a chance of one in five of buying it, and it may be part of the HOA rules that certain accessibility improvements be made, such as adding ramps. Once this has been done, friends and family with special mobility needs will enjoy the added ease with which they can access your home.

Widen Entryways

Another way to improve your home’s accessibility is to widen your entryways. This will make it easy for people to move through them as it will also create room to add things like bars and lights as mentioned above. Wider hallways will also make it easy for people using wheelchairs and other walking aids to move through your home. As a plus, there will also be room to store additional items on shelves and get them out of the way.

Install High Riser Toilets

Finally, it’s a good idea to install high riser toilets which will be easy to sit down on and get up from. From the aged to those on wheelchairs or with crutches, you will be sure that people will be able to use the bathroom more efficiently by themselves. According to the United States Labor Department, 17.9% of people with disabilities were employed while 61.8% of those employed didn’t have disabilities. One reason for this fact may be the accessibility of different work spaces. If one has a disability, they’re going to choose carefully where they want to work or even visit. This is why it’s important to improve your home’s accessibility so that people with disabilities don’t have to think twice about paying you a visit.

Everyone enjoys the decency that comes with independence, and this is what you will be offering people with disabilities when they visit your accessible home. This makes it a worthwhile task to take on for your next set of home improvements.