If you’re planning on moving, you need to do your best to ensure that the process is fast and efficient, and your material possessions are safe. One way of doing this is using storage while moving, which can save you space and time, enabling you to use your car quite efficiently. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, read the five tips below to help you find the best way to use storage while you’re moving.

Book Space in Advance

To avoid late surprises with no time to spare at your end, book the space you need sometime before you have to move your things. With almost 10% of households in America currently using a rented self-storage unit, you can expect that there may be a number of units already taken up at any given time. You never know what the conditions will be like at the time you decide to move, so to be safe, make your booking at least a week earlier than the time at which you plan to move. You can transport some things in your car to storage and have the rest of the items moved by truck or moving company when you’re finalizing it.

Label Everything Well

To save you the hassle that follows arriving at your destination while unpacking, make sure that everything is labeled well. This way, you will have an easy time as kitchen items will not end up in the bedroom, and so on. Even the people helping you move will be able to place the items where they need to be by simply reading the labels on the boxes. You won’t find yourself in a situation whereby you cannot find something you need without unpacking everything first and causing a mess in the process. It will also be easier to use storage for labeled boxes and anything fragile will be indicated.

Get The Right Size of Storage

You don’t want to end up with too small a storage space for your items, and this makes it better to err on the side of too big. With an average American moving 11.7 times during their lifetime, there’s a chance that this move is not your first. You can use the information from previous moves to estimate how much space you need this time, based on how many items you added or got rid of between your last move and this one. When you have adequate storage for all your items, you can even simply use your car for most of the moving process, saving you money used to hire moving trucks.

Know All The Terms and Conditions

Make sure that you know all the terms of the storage you sign up for to avoid extra costs for breaking rules that you were not even aware of. Read all the information that the storage company avails to you so you work within the limits. This is another reason why you should book storage in advance, to enable you to shop around for a storage company that will serve your needs adequately. When you’re satisfied with one, lock down the dates by making a deposit and mark this as one item in your to-do list that’s done with.

Consider Special-Use Storage

If you have items that require special storage conditions, you can look for storage companies that offer specialized compartments for different needs. Such items that may need protection from harsh temperatures include artwork, family photos, appliances, family heirlooms, and even important documents. More than 50% of the homeowners currently renovating their homes and remodeling are aging, and this may mean more special items are within their homes. If you are within this category, make sure your prized items stay safe while you move them around.

Moving can be easy and efficient with just a little planning. Making use of the modern options at your disposal will make the process a lot easier currently than it would have been a few years ago.