Butterflies on the first day of school are a normal occurrence, and as a mom, you may want to know how to combat them. Transitioning to a new school presents the same anxiety as the first day of school does for many students, as it’s essentially a new environment. Have a look at the five ways below which you can use to help your child transition to a new school.

Familiarize Yourselves With the New School

To help your child feel less anxious about going to a new school, it’s good to try and familiarize them with the new environment. Either go with them to fill out and drop a form or even just visit the new school. Have lunch or a snack nearby, so you can both get used to the new school’s environment. If the administration says it’s okay, have a look inside the classrooms and other common areas as well. Because most schools require the teachers they hire to have a license to teach, this should help ease both you and your child’s anxiety as they will most likely be in the hands of a licensed professional at their new school.

Stick to Routines

Routines help children a lot, as predictability offers some comfort. Sticking to routines you had established earlier on will, therefore, help make the transition easier. These routines will provide familiarity that will make the first day a lot less stressful. From morning preparation to winding down after a long day, routines are an important part of any family’s activities, as any mom will tell you. Over time, you can establish new routines to suit any changes that may have come about from new school activities and such.

Stay Involved

A parent’s involvement in their children’s school life is important for a successful end result, which is why you should stay involved. Your involvement will also help your child not to feel alone and know that they can count on you to give them a hand if they need it. On average, 60% to 80% of the teachers in private schools have an advanced degree, because private schools value teachers who have a degree in their chosen subject. If you take your child to a private school, therefore, you can expect to have an easy time working with the teachers, who will more than likely be accredited professionals.

Listen to Your Child

As they adjust to their new environment, your children may voice their fears. In this case, listen to them so that you know exactly what they’re apprehensive about. This will give you a good idea of how to address their issues. You may share some tips with them on how to have an easier time at school as well, and besides strengthening the bond between you, they will develop coping mechanisms for adjusting to change.

Get up to Date on Health Routines

Before you take your child to their new school, make sure that their health is good by going for a full check-up. Have their eyesight and oral health examined as well so they start off on a good foot. If they have to wear braces, let them know that it’s okay to do so for their future oral health. With over 3.5 million children and teenagers in America starting to wear braces each year, they won’t be alone. You will also be less apprehensive as you know your child is in good health, so there’s not likely to be a medical emergency.

As a mom, you definitely want the best for your child. Follow the five steps outlined above to make sure that this is the case. When your child successfully transitions into their new school, you will have a lot of peace of mind from that.