As a mom or dad, you want to help your kids grow and get through some of the most awkward years of their lives. These are the teen years, and they are probably experiencing awkwardness with their bodies, being social, and finding friends that have the same types of interests they do. Below are some of the ways you can help them overcome these years and remain a supportive role model for them.

Embrace Their Sports Or Creative Interests

Every teenager has interests, but they may not be the same ones you had growing up or have currently. They may be completely different and something you don’t know anything about. Whatever it is they’re into, make sure you’re supporting them. For example, if they want to take up bowling, make sure you go with them, learn the game, and terminology, and encourage them to keep going. A turkey is when you get three strikes in a row in bowling, according to How Stuff Works.

If they’re into art or music, encourage them to take lessons. Purchase or rent the instrument of their interest while they’re taking lessons. If your teen is into art, make sure you pick up sketch pads, paint, pencils, and any other supplies they need to be creative. Just picking up a sketch pad here and there, and leaving it in their room for when they get home can be the encouragement they need to keep going.

Visit The Dermatologist For Skin Concerns

While you may love your child just the way they are, they could be experiencing awkwardness and social anxiety because of their skin. Those who suffer from acne or rosacea truly need treatment to beat this, and as a supporting parent, you can help them by taking them to the dermatologist to get them diagnosed and treated. According to the National Rosacea Society, about 415 million people may suffer from rosacea worldwide. For teens in rural areas, that can just mean one, which is them and it could make these years awkward.

Go To The Orthodontist

Maybe your teen isn’t having skin issues, but their teeth could use some assistance from an orthodontist. The teenage years are the time when a lot of kids have to tackle braces and other treatments, so they won’t be the only ones being awkward. According to AARP, 25% of people who wear braces are adults, which means it will be even more awkward later if they want. Support your child by making them an orthodontist appointment and getting them the treatment they need.

Let Them Speak Freely

Hormones, thoughts, and expressions are all a part of the teenage years. During this time, teenagers are finding who they are as a person, what beliefs they have, and gaining some sort of idea about what they want to do with their lives. Having mom and dad as a safe place to go when needing to talk can break up some of that awkwardness they might be experiencing. Some of the topics they’ll want to talk about can be controversial and might be hard conversations. Whatever it’s about, let them know that they can talk to you about anything that’s going on and help make these years less awkward for them.

You Can Make These Years Better

Some things about these teenage years are awkward, and even if you do everything they will still have awkward moments. But being supportive and trying to help them through this time can help them make good decisions and beat the awkwardness. Keep these tips in mind when you’re working with your teenager and they reach out for support or help with something they’re interested in or something that might be concerning them in their daily life.