There are many ways to make your home a greener place to live. Let’s take a look at a few simple ways you can make your home more eco-friendly without sacrificing comfort.

Upgrade Your Roof to Save Energy

When you install a new roof, the materials you use can save you money and keep your roof cooler. Using lighter asphalt shingles with a radiant barrier will reflect the heat not the light from your home. They make materials for roofs today that are more reflective than ones they used in the past. Metal roofs keep your home cool and last many years without having to be replaced. A coating applied to your roof will improve its ability to reflect heat and make it more water-resistant. Installing a cool roof made of energy-saving materials in warm climates can save you money on air conditioning. Think about roofing that can save you energy because the need for roofing will continue to increase by 4.9% annually for homeowners in 2021. If you choose to add solar panels as well, you may even be able to make an insurance claim to help fun them. If you use one of the best home insurance companies, this should be a simple claim to make!

Use Water Saving Appliances And Bathroom Fixtures

Look for the Energy Star labels when you buy a new dishwasher or washer for your home. These labels mean that appliances will help you save on water and electricity. Appliances designed to save water can reduce your water bill every month will get this rating. efficient. There are many water-saving fixtures for the bathroom that save you money. Low-flow faucets reduce the flow of water to only a few gallons per minute. They have simple low-flow faucets and ones with a more complex design. Low-flow showers heads will save your family money by eliminating the overuse of water in the shower. The price is reasonable, and they are easy to install.

Choose Eco-Friendly Furniture

Buy new or use furniture made with sustainable or reclaimed wood that has been used before. Woods like cherry, oak, maple, mahogany, and birch are eco-friendly. Many companies now sell reclaimed wood that can be reused instead of chopping down another tree. Look for sofas and chairs made with natural materials that are not treated with chemicals to protect the fabric. Materials like cotton, wool, linen, and hemp are natural materials.

Cool Your Home More Naturally

Close your shades and curtains during the day or install window tinting on the windows. It is said to reduce cooling costs by up to 30%. Consider putting blackout curtains in rooms you want to keep cool in the warmer weather. Try using a fan instead of an air conditioner on less hot days. This can save you money on your electricity bill. Run your air conditioner less because it will stop and start over 72 times or more in just 24 hours of use. Run your ceiling fan counterclockwise to create a cooling breeze with your air conditioning. Cook outdoors on the grill to keep the kitchen appliances from heating the house. Sit outside in the shade and enjoy the nice weather.

These are some ways to make your home greener this coming year and next. Follow our simple suggestions and find ways to improve your home environment.