With the warmer weather coming, you will want to find ways to stay healthy at work and during the warmer months. You may be returning, to work at the office after being home for a long time. You want to practice some new techniques to stay healthy at the office and at home. Your office may be different when you return, and you will have to observe safety standards, distant work stations, less interaction, and different ways to walk and interact with co-workers, There may be more single-serve beverages, snacks, and foods and requirements to be sanitary when heating or using kitchen equipment. Still many of the same ways to stay healthy in or out of the office in 2021.

Practice Good Hygiene

Clean off your desk and office equipment at the office on a regular basis. Bring hand sanitizer with you to use on your hands during the day. Keep socially distant with other employees and communicate via computer or phone when possible. When you use the lunchroom or break room wash your hands and clean the coffee maker or microwave if you use it. Wipe off the table before or after you eat. When you store your lunch in the refrigerator throw away leftovers, you do not eat do not leave in the refrigerator. When shopping, buy personal protective equipment to bring to work masks, gloves, and cleaners. To increase the global demand for personal protective equipment it is estimated that the industry will have to increase manufacturing by 40%.

Exercise At Work and Home And Wear Lightweight Clothing

Take a walk around the building at lunchtime on nice days to get some exercise. When you have time drive to a nearby shopping mall and walk through some stores to pick up something you need. Walk a short time before work if you arrive early. Does your company have an exercise room or gym? Practice safety wipes off any machines with sanitary wipes before using. Bring your own equipment with you like lightweight exercise bands or skip ropes. You can plan a 10 or 15-minute workout inside in the exercise room or outside. Wear lightweight clothing that breathes such as cotton and linens at work and home to keep you from getting overheated.

Take A Break From Your Work Routine

Take a break from sitting at your desk every few hours. Get up and stretch get a cup of coffee or drink some water. During your break practice taking some deep breaths to reduce fear and anxiety. At work put your cell phone away or turn it off while you are working. Do not surf the internet or engage in social media posts when working. This can distract from the quality of your work. Try a five-minute mediation session. There are several mediation apps online. These are some ways to take a short break from your work routine.

Find Ways to Engage More In Your Work

A Gallup poll stated that companies with high employee engagement were 22% more profitable and 21% more productive with work projects than other companies. Learn something new using the technology you have at work. Learn to use a new software program that is available to you that you never use. About 82% of employees say their employment decisions are influenced by workplace technology. Offer to help other workers that are swamped with work and lighten their load. Start a new hobby or exercise routine outside of work. Try to exercise at work daily to relieve stress and energize your day.

These are tips you can use to stay healthy during the warmer weather at work and home. These tips will help you face the challenges ahead at the office and home.