If you’re thinking of getting the special people in your life holiday gifts that they will love, it’s possible to find something worthwhile at the last minute. The holidays are already here, so it’s good to find some easy but impressive gift items, and five of them are outlined below.

A Floral Arrangement

With 83% of people surveyed saying that they like it when they unexpectedly receive a gift of flowers, it’s hard to go wrong with gifting people close to you with a floral arrangement. Make sure to get fresh flowers so that they will last for a long time once received and when given the proper care. If you can somehow find out the favorite colors or scents of the person you want to gift the flowers to, you will be able to give them a personalized surprise that they will enjoy a lot. The best thing about this is that you can source flowers easily from your local florist.

Scented Candles

Many people enjoy scented candles because of their ability to impart the house with warm, lovely scents. You can also get them a set of essential oils if you know that they like them. Some popular scents include lavender, which helps with stress management and better sleep, tea tree, which keeps infections at bay, rosemary, which helps improve focus, and grapefruit, which can reduce appetite. Just make sure to first find out if they have any preferences so that you can get them a gift they will enjoy using before driving around to find and give them something they won’t make use of.

A Gym Pass

If you have a loved one who enjoys keeping fit, give them a boost by gifting them with a gym membership for a duration of your choosing. Since many people will spend this season driving more than they will walk, gifting someone a gym pass is a great way of helping them get back in shape after the holidays and indulgence that they will take part in. Get it from their favorite gym so that they don’t have a reason not to use it, and it will be a fun and functional gift that won’t go to waste and will help improve their health.

A Set of Gym Equipment

While 57% of women surveyed said they prefer whiskey because they enjoy its taste more, you can bypass alcohol and gift the special woman in your life with a set of gym equipment. This could include a yoga mat, resistance bands, protective gear, handy water bottles, and weighted bracelets, or anklets, and even sports shoes. If you want to splurge a bit, you can get bigger equipment like a treadmill or a set of bars. This will depend on the type of fitness activities the special person is likely to make use of and derive joy out of, so find a way to find this out in advance before you make the expenditure.

Kitchen Appliances

The final healthy gift suggestion is a kitchen appliance, or even a set of a few if your budget allows. Gifting someone this will make it easy for them to enjoy cooking at home more and therefore make it possible for them to eat a healthy meal often. Some ideas for kitchen appliances are a waffle maker, which will actually be affordable depending on the brand you get, and which can be used for healthy and personalized waffle mixes, or an instant pot which makes it possible to cook healthy meals in a short time.

These suggested last-minute healthy holiday gifts will keep you from driving around in a frenzy trying to find something that will be used and enjoyed by the person you’re gifting it to as they’re functional and affordable for the most.