From plumbing leaks that explode, spewing water inside the home, to naturally rising floodwaters that creep in through door and window cracks, there are many potential sources of water damage. Here are a few things to know about water damage prevention and why it is important to protect your property against future mold growth:

The Importance of Stopping Mold Growth Before It Starts

The average person does not realize how easily mold growth can happen, and how little moisture it takes to start this process. In most cases, homeowners are not aware of mold growth until it has spread to multiple parts of the home and the signature smell of mold becomes evident in the air. Just the presence of a small amount of moisture left unchecked can be enough for mold spores to grab on to and begin growing. A colony of mold can take hold and begin growing within just 48 hours of water damage occurring at your home or business. Once the mold has grown on a textile surface, there is little you can do without calling in professional mold removal crews. Professional mold remediation must be done by skilled and trained professionals using the right equipment, and this service can be costly.

Identify Potential Causes Of Leaks

By identifying and removing potential sources of water leakage, you can prevent water damage from happening. Old appliances and worn-out plumbing are two of the most likely sources of water damage in the average American home. Across the US, there are hundreds of miles of pipes connected underground that transport sewage where it needs to go to be processed and disposed of. As these pipes grow older and suffer normal wear and tear, the possibility of issues like leaks or backups increases. Having a plumber check your pipes regularly to make sure they are still in good condition can prevent these backups and leaks. A skilled plumber can use technology to identify cracks, loose joints, or roots growing into the pipes and fix these issues. In extreme cases, the plumber can replace whole sections of your plumber to ensure that the equipment is up to standard.

Protect At Risk Areas of the Home

Identifying and protecting the parts of the house that are most likely to flood can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in property damage. For those with a basement attached to the home, this is a good place to start looking for signs of moisture seeping in. Studies have shown that almost 60% of existing basements in homes across the US have a moisture problem, and this is especially troubling because the conditions in the lower level of homes are ideal for mold. If the moisture source is left untreated and never fixed, the mold growth can quickly spread in a cool, dark area like a basement.

Staying healthy by preventing water damage and related mold in the home can protect your family relationships and prolong your life expectancy.