The phrase “home for the holidays” might have a little bit of a different meaning this year, but that doesn’t diminish the importance of spending quality time with your family in your home. And while you’re all at home together, it’s important to stay happy and healthy! Especially for your kids. Here are a few tips to help you keep the whole crew happy and healthy while you’re all home this winter.

Create a Routine

While the holidays might seem like a great excuse to get out of your routine, there really is nothing better than a routine to keep everyone feeling good. Your routine doesn’t have to be rigid, either! Even if you have a loose routine that consists of consistent meal times and free time every other hour of the day, some semblance of structure is helpful for everyone in the house — especially your kids. If you do a quick Google search, which 86% of consumers report led them to learn something new, you just might find that routine is exactly what your kids need to feel calm and happy throughout the day. Not sure what your daily routine needs? Here are a few additions you might want to make:

  • Time to get ready every morning
  • Consistent bedtimes and meal times
  • Daily time for chores
  • Ample room for creative time
  • Built-in private time for everyone
  • Time for learning every day

Creating a good routine that fits your family can help you make sure everyone is getting exactly what they need from the day.

Get Outside for a Little While

Even if it’s chilly outside, this is an excellent way to keep your kids active and engaged with their surroundings. You don’t have to go far, either. In fact, your backyard is the perfect place to get everyone out for a romp! Your kids don’t need toys to have a good time running around the yard. And for the average price of a toy — about $10 — your kids might not even get that much entertainment from it. Instead, cook up a few good outdoor games that the whole family can play. Some good options to consider are tag, hide-and-seek, soccer, or even a snowball fight if the weather allows. When you want to keep your kids happy and healthy, physical activity is an important factor to consider. Sometimes even a walk around the neighborhood can be a nice break from your daily indoor routine and an opportunity to get moving for a while.

Engage Everyone’s Creative Side

Art projects are one of the best ways to keep your kids engaged and happy while you’re all inside. If you want to get a little bit of education in there, consider prompting them with an activity that includes elements of nature. Tasking them with recreating items they collected on an earlier nature walk is an excellent way to teach them about the environment. If your kids aren’t into paper art, then see if you can get a musical activity together. If anyone in your house plays an instrument, stage a sing-along or a dance-off. These are both great options if your kids are more into the performing arts. And since almost 90% of people believe kids should be educated in the arts, this is a good way to build a foundation for that education.

Staying inside with your family this season might mean something a little bit different this year. But if you’re dedicated to making the most of this time you have at home, these activities can help everyone stay happy and healthy.