Spending time outside is great for the whole family as it encourages exercise in the form of wholesome activities. These range from shopping and eating out to hiking or engaging in fun sports that everyone can take part in. To get some more ideas of ways in which you can get your family to spend more time outside, read on.

Encourage Periods of No TV

People across the world are fast becoming more sedentary in nature, and the easy entertainment promised by turning on the TV does not help. To make sure that your family is inspired to spend more time outside, set aside a few hours weekly or even daily during which no TV will be turned on in the house. Offer alternative methods to fill this time, from taking walks outside to exercising either at home or in a local gym. Although there may be opposition to this at first, your family will soon start to enjoy spending time doing something other than watching TV, at least for a few hours each day.

Schedule For It

It’s no secret that the world has become a lot more fast-paced than was the case a few years ago. Despite this, time can be created for the things we feel are important in our lives. If you want to spend more time outside with your family, work this time into your schedule so that you’re sure it will be done. When you’re proactive about it, it will be easy to set a good example for the rest of the family on what to do. The average pace of walking is approximately four miles per hour, so if you decide to walk to the nearest shopping center, for instance, you can predict the length of time it will take you all to get there and back home. Find outdoor activities that can be scheduled effortlessly and you will have an easier time getting them done.

Embrace All Seasons

Different seasons have different requirements for those who want to venture outdoors. To be able to fully enjoy being outside, you should dispel the idea that you can only go out in certain weather or a particular season. There are many activities you can take part in outside, so simply find the right one for the season, and you will have an amazing time outdoors as a family, even if it’s a time at which most other people prefer to be indoors.

Host Outdoor Social Gatherings

Social gatherings are an easy way to get people interactive, and when they’re outdoors, they’re an amazing way to spend time outside. If you don’t have a deck, you can install one to help you maximize your outdoor space. Use wood rather than composite if you’re on a budget, which will cost an average of $16,766, of which you can expect to add a resale value of $11,038 to your home, thereby recouping 66%. You will find it more fun and easier to host gatherings outdoors when you have a comfortable deck on which to spend time.

Start a Garden

Finally, you can start a garden with your family. When it’s time to plant and tend the plants, you will have the perfect reason to go outside and get some dirt on your hands. You can even plant herbs and vegetables so you can improve your recipes by getting fresh produce to prepare, thereby saving time you would have had to go outside and spend money shopping for groceries.

There’s no end to the things you can do outside as a family because with food trucks, you can even share a meal at one, an experience that more than 80% of people who use them describe as exciting, fun, new, and unique or different.