From spring break and beyond, it’s important that your child takes good care of their braces so they’re not left with more oral health issues than they started with. Have a look at five tips that can help your child care for their braces at school.

Pack Braces Essentials

To make it easier for your child to care for their braces while they’re at school, pack a bag of brace essentials for them. It should include a toothbrush and toothpaste so they can brush their teeth after eating anything, dental floss and water to clean out every last particle, and tissue and dental wax to help secure stray wires until your next appointment. With about 3.9 million children in the U.S being orthodontic patients, there’s a good chance that your child will have a friend who also wears braces. Let them know they can share this tip with their parents, who will also pack a bag for their child.

Invest in a Mouthguard

For children who play a sport, or are part of a team that’s active in spring break and when school is in session, a mouthguard is essential. Getting a hard hit can damage the braces, break the wires and brackets, or even cause a serious injury in the mouth. All of this can be avoided by getting a mouthguard for your child and ensuring that they wear it each time they go out to play or practice.

Pack Healthy Meals

It’s a fact that certain foods are not acceptable for people wearing braces. Hard and chewy foodstuffs like nuts, caramel, popcorn, gummy candy, chewing gum, and even ice can wreak havoc on the wires, getting them stuck on something or even breaking them if enough force is applied with a bite. With the American Association of Orthodontists recommending that children should start visiting the orthodontist from the time they are about seven years old, it’s important to keep an eye out for what your child eats. Make sure that they avoid the sweet and sticky foods that many children favor, especially if they are young.

Talk to Them

When your child understands the importance of wearing braces, they will likely be better able to take the necessary measures to ensure that their braces are in a good state. You will also find out if they have any issues that they’re finding hard to deal with concerning their braces. This way, it will be possible to help them and make it possible for their treatment to go on as it should.

Talk to Teachers About Any Special Accommodations

Finally, it’s your duty as a parent to approach your child’s teacher and talk to them about any special accommodations that your child needs in order to take good care of their braces. You can do this before spring break ends so that the teacher has this information at hand in good time. They will be able to make any necessary alterations when they have the time to, and your child will have an easy time taking care of their braces when they’re at school and out of your sight. With 34,576 private schools in America that serve 5.7 million PK-12 students, your child will have an easy time when their teacher knows what they need at any given time concerning caring for their braces.

These five tips above should make it possible for you to ensure that your child is taking good care of their braces. When you do this, they will have an easy time and you will both reap the fruits of your hard work when they’re ready to take the braces out and reveal the perfect smile!