While flower-giving is famous worldwide, people love gifting plants to their friends and loved ones. Everyone used to give roses or peonies, but not anymore. It’s time to discover why plants make such great presents and why you should start buying them for your family. Let’s find out more!

They’re Good for People’s Health

Not every plant is beneficial, but with some research, you can give your loved ones a plant to benefit their well-being. Some clear out bad energies, others promote relaxation, and some make great ingredients for cooking. Most plants are natural air purifiers, so they add something special to any room, not just as decoration but for health benefits.

Many people have started their home gardens to promote using more organic food in their regular diets. If your friend has talked about doing that, you can help by giving them some herbs or a vegetable plant. According to the American Heart Association, children between grades K and five should have one cup of fruits and vegetables daily, but adults should as well!

Furthermore, gardening has been known for having calming effects on people, which promotes their wellness. You can add another plant to your friend’s collection and encourage them to improve themselves. Just remember to grow things properly. According to Consumer Reports, hedges and plants should be two feet away from outdoor HVAC systems.

They Last Longer

The downside of gifting flowers is that they die quickly, giving the receiver little time to enjoy their present. It’s different with plants, which can be nurtured to last longer. Instead of a bouquet made by a florist, consider buying an actual flower plant, which will sprout new buds if adequately cared for. Your friend or relative will see the new one and be reminded of your kind present.

They’re Cheaper

A decent bouquet can be pretty expensive, although the final price will depend on your pick and how complicated it is to make. However, you can get a nice plant for around $29.95, much cheaper!

That’s why plants are more popular now than ever. You give someone a thoughtful present without breaking the bank. A plant will brighten up your house, which is a nice break from the gray hues of city life.

It’s Understated

A few people hate receiving flowers because they’re always a big show, and it attracts attention. However, something like a small cactus or succulent is understated, simple, and perfect for someone who doesn’t want anything flashy. Gift-giving means thinking about what the other person truly wants, not what others think they should want.

Each Plant Has a Meaning

Most people don’t care, but every flower and plant has a particular symbolism when given to someone special. You can research and pick one specifically meaningful to your loved one, and it’ll undoubtedly be one of the most thoughtful presents you’ll ever buy.

According to ProFlowers, a bonsai represents wisdom and harmony. Ficuses symbolize abundance and peace, while a Monstera is about honor, respect, and longevity. Any of these plants will be beautiful gifts because you’re giving them so people can have these elements in their life. If your friend needs money or good fortune, consider giving them a money tree (pachira aquatica).

Don’t Make It a Big Responsibility

If your friend has never had a plant, but you still want to give them one, start with something that doesn’t need much care. Cacti and succulents are excellent choices because they won’t have to be tended to often and don’t need much water.

Now you know why people are obsessed with plant-giving. Go to your local gardening store or horticulturist to find the perfect present for your friends. You won’t regret that choice, and your loved ones will be grateful.