white wine

Australian white wines are quite varied in nature. No matter what type of white wine one prefers, dry or sweet, they are sure to find the perfect Australian white wine to match their tastes. There are quite a few different white wine varieties being produced in Australian vineyards and some of these will be discussed in detail. The following will describe not only their inherent qualities but the foods one may wish to pair with them as well.


One of the more popular types of Australian white wines is Riesling. Riesling is usually a sweet, fruity wine which tastes wonderful chilled. With Australian Rieslings, these types of wine are often drier in nature with much less sweetness than their German Riesling counterparts. The Australian Riesling, although not as sweet, still maintains a highly fruit-filled taste and aroma. Rieslings pair nicely with a wide array of foods such as poultry, fish and certain shellfish entrees. One may also wish to have a glass of Riesling with certain desserts as well.


Another popular Australian white wine is Chardonnay. Although relatively new to Australia, numerous vineyards in wine regions throughout the country have started planting these types of grapes. The Chardonnay varieties produced in Australia differ amongst wines from various vineyards. Some vineyards produce Chardonnays which are smooth whereas others are of a more crisp variety. This provides options for individuals who like a certain type of Chardonnay.

Chardonnay is a popular type of wine not only due to its delicious taste but also because it pairs nicely with a number of entrée selections. One can serve a bottle of Chardonnay when serving salads, pork, fish, shellfish or pastas such as ravioli, for example. Chardonnay is a type of wine which pairs wonderfully with various types of food which makes it a nice item to have on hand when preparing a dinner.


Australia also produces a good quantity of Semillon white wine. This type of white wine can be bottled alone or in combination with Chardonnay. Semillon is quite a dry wine that is full bodied with good acidity attributes. This wine is best produced in warmer, more humid areas of the country and the result is a delicious, dry wine that goes well with a number of foods including salads and certain fish entrees.

Pinot Grigio

One will also find that Pinot Grigio is being produced more and more in Australian wineries. Typically produced in Italy and France, Pinot Grigio is becoming more common in Australian wine regions as well. This wine is best produced in areas that are cooler in climate and the result is a crisp, dry wine that works nicely alongside ham, fish, shellfish and pasta dishes.