If it’s your first time getting an office job, you may be wondering just what to expect. An office job can be quite different from other career paths, such as manual labor. That said, here’s a handy list of four things you need to keep in mind before you get an office job. They should help you prepare accordingly and therefore get the best experience possible.

1. Exercising Is a Good Idea

To begin with, an office job may see you sit in the same position for a long time. If you don’t take care, this could lead to posture issues and cause you lifestyle problems when you get older. To make sure that the chances of this happening are minimal, it’s a good idea for you to exercise on a regular schedule. This way, your body will stay in great shape, as will your overall mood.

Moving from your office to the printer and back to your desk may not count as enough exercise, because the printer might actually be very close to your desk. This is one of the most-used equipment in the average office based on the fact that as many as 50% of calls to the Help Desk are printer-related, according to a study done by Gartner. That said, add some exercise to your daily schedule, and you may benefit in both the short and long terms.

2. Getting Things in Writing Is Best

Next, remember that it’s important for you to make sure that if you get or make any requests, it’s best to document them in writing. You can do this digitally by sending out an email, or you can actually print it out, in which case you should organize the documents you create. Printing is something that’s still done a lot, given the fact that as of 2023, the global pad printing machine has a market size that’s valued at $1,136.7 million, according to Future Market Insights. When you have requests written down alongside any specific instructions, it will be a lot easier for you to stay accountable.

3. Making Friends Can Help

While you may be an introvert and not be too happy about sharing stories next to the coffee machine, making friends at your office job is actually important. This is because this way, you’ll have someone to talk to if you need guidance on a task that you may not understand too well. You’re also going to learn how to work alongside others and could end up being seen as a valuable employee.

For instance, if you work as a data center professional and face the common challenge of accurately planning and budgeting power rack power capacity, a colleague could help out. They may suggest the typical approach to derate each server’s nameplate to about 60% to 70%. That said, this is still a manual estimation and so it may end up being wildly inaccurate and lead to stranded capacity alongside premature expansions. In this case, you might find a workable solution from yet another colleague and manage to keep things going.

4. Time-Keeping Is Mandatory

Last but not least, you must show up on time for your office job and generally practice proper time management. This can help you get everything that needs to be done out of the way within good time. You can clock off on time and go on to enjoy a well-balanced life. To improve your time-keeping, you need to find a way to build a good sleep schedule that’s going to see you able to get up on time and get on with your day productively.

These are the four main things that you should keep in mind before you get an office job. They should help you understand what to expect, as well as what’s expected of you. As a result, you may be able to make a successful switch from a different career path that has varied requirements.