Creating stunning videos with the right tools. Here are the top video editing software programs in 2020 to consider for your next project.

Whether you are a content creator, aspiring filmmaker, or just want to capture the special moments, there is a video editing software out there that can turn your videos in something magical. 

Video editing doesn’t have to be difficult, and there is a variety of user-friendly software that you can use on desktop and mobile devices.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out the top video editing software programs in 2020. 

Apple Final Cut Pro X 

Final Cut Pro X is an industry-standard, with casual filmmakers and professionals alike turning to it for their editing needs. Additionally, Final Cut Pro X is a macOS exclusive, so it allows the software to be well optimized for Macbooks. 

Some Final Cut Pro X features include 360-degree editing and HDR support, multicamera support, great organizational tools, and Macbook Pro touch bar scrubber integration. Moreover, you can also edit and render 8K videos for high-quality projects and add closed captioning.

With this video editing software, you get an excellent system to edit and render your videos with speed and quality. 

Adobe Premiere Pro

Another industry standard, Adobe Premiere Pro, is used across all platforms, both Windows and macOS. As a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, you will not be disappointed in its quality and performance. 

The most prominent features of Premiere Pro include excellent stabilization, collaboration on projects, 3D video editing, unlimited multicamera support, and can edit and render 8K footage. 

Additionally, Adobe Premiere Pro works seamlessly with a robust ecosystem of video production apps to add more features and effects in post-production due to its advanced integration. 

Premiere Pro’s sheer power is also impressive, and its flexibility allows you to import footage from a variety of mediums. This, paired with its support to automatically sync your footage, makes it among the best video editing software for creative professionals. 

Apple iMovie

iMovie is an excellent entry-level and free video editing software that can create impressive video projects. 

This application comes pre-installed on Macbooks and even iOS devices by default, so whatever method you are using, you can edit on it. If you are a beginner, there are handy guides to learn how to use iMovie on Mac.

iMovie’s features may not be as sophisticated as its more refined cousin (Final Cut Pro X), but there is still a lot you can do with it.  

For example, iMovie’s features include a wonderfully simply user-interface; this allows your projects to be user friendly and easy to maneuver. Additionally, iMovie offers a color matching system, so your footage looks consistent through the video.

Moreover, you can choose through a variety of themes and movie templates to give your project a stunning look. With it being a free video editing software, it does lack support for multicamera footage and 360-degree editing.

For the beginner or casual user, iMovie is an excellent option for getting the job done well while looking clean and professional. 

CyberLink PowerDirector

If you need video editing software that renders extremely fast, offers high-tech tools, and has a lot of effects, CyberLink PowerDirector is a great option. If you are a Windows user, then you’re in luck; currently, Windows is the only OS that CyberLink PowerDirector supports. 

Some of its features include motion graphics and animated titles to jazz up your video, screen recording, motion tracking, and excellent 360-degree video editing options, making CyberLink PowerDirector one of the most feature-dense video editing options currently available. 

For Windows users, this software offers various features. With these options, you can create awe-inspiring projects, whether you’re a pro or casual user. 


LumaFusion has become more and more widely adopted as a genuinely professional-grade video editing software. Developed and available solely on iOS devices, LumaFusion packs a powerful punch that can elevate your footage. 

With its inherent touch integration, LumaFusion offers excellent control and touch functionality that is great for beginners or users who want a more intuitive experience. Additionally, its features include real-time collaboration with other users, up to twelve audio or video track support, HD video support, and a clean user interface that is not intimidating. 

Whether you are a seasoned video editor or just getting started, LumaFusion is a great mobile software option if you primarily want to edit on an iPad or iPhone. 

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is am industry-standard and powerful video editing software that is compatible with Windows, macOS, and even Linux. No matter what OS you prefer, DaVinci Resolve has got you covered. 

Some of its features include a vibrant color grading system to give your footage a stunning look. It also supports professional peripheral accessories like control pads and hardware that can make your editing more seamless. 

Moreover, DaVinci Resolve is well-respected within the film industry, with many popular films color graded with DaVinci Resolve. If you are a film enthusiast or creative professional with an in-depth knowledge of how to use this software, then DaVinci Resolve will not disappoint. 


Lightworks is another industry-respected film editing tool used in films such as Pulp Fiction, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Mission Impossible. With these titles under its belt, you can have peace of mind that it will be good. 

Features include handy tutorial videos if you are a newbie, powerful rendering, OS support for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and even various format support so you can think of so you do not have to worry about transcoding anything. 

If you are a seasoned video editor and want to use fully fleshed out and well-optimized software, then Lightworks is an excellent option. 

Get Creative with the Best Video Editing Software

If you want to create compelling video projects, you now know the best video editing software to get the film you have always envisioned. From software for beginners to pros, there is somewhat for everyone. 

Now that you have the software you need, it’s time to get out there and create something great. Additionally, if you want to take your technology knowledge to the next level, checkout our website for more information.