It is not always an easy task to cope with having a family as well as a business. This is especially the case if you work from home. Whether your family consists of three people or eight people it is essential to find a middle ground that everyone can live with.

It is essential to find a way to keep harmony and happiness in the family while also managing to get the work done you need to do. It is also important that everyone learns to respect your working hours. For example you must impress on your family that working at home requires the same amount of time, dedication and concentration as working away from home and that means that you do not want your working hours constantly interrupted with concerns that you can easily deal with once your working day has ended, such as inquiries about when you plan to go grocery shopping, kids asking for a drive to a friend’s house or being told that the kitchen faucet is leaking.

Schedule work time and family time

It is wise to draw up a schedule for doing business from home and ask everyone to respect the times of the day that you have set aside for work. It might be a good idea to post the schedule in a place where everyone in the family can see it such as on the refrigerator. Just as you set aside specific hours to work do the same with your family life. On an afternoon or evening with family stay out of your office or working space in order to show your family that you are able to effectively keep the two separate even as you do a clever balancing act. If for some reason you realize that you have to work longer than expected and it will cut into family time, then let your family members know in advance if possible and do whatever you can to alleviate any disappointment on the part of your loved ones.

Value quality time

Just as you might want to vent to your partner about the kind of day you had running your business from home so might your partner want to do the same. Be willing to open up and talk but remember the importance of listening. Keep in mind too that quality time with a partner or spouse is essential for a healthy and loving relationship and you should aim for time set aside just for the two of you to take place every day. Quality time can be as simple as a walk before bedtime or cuddling on the couch as you watch a favorite program or sitting down at the table and sharing laughs along with a cup of tea or coffee. Always remember to be flexible and never let your business become a higher priority than your spouse or your children.

Tips on how to balance work and family life

  • Look for a job with a company that has family friendly policies.
    • Studies show that companies that have family friendly policies have more productive employees and retain those employees longer than those that do not.
  • Follow the same routine each day so your children know what to expect.
  • Let children do as much as they can by themselves, such as get dressed, brush their hair, feed the dog or cat, or pour themselves cereal.
    • This will help your children feel independent while also freeing you up to do other things.
  • Keep breakfast simple and portable.
  • Spend quite time alone with your significant other.